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#nevertrust Someone you just met that talks negatively about other people that they know… They will talk about you that way too if you stick around long enough…  Oh & Scorpios….They always got a trick up they sleeve… Believe that!

#3wordsaftersex Nope! Try again!

#3drunkwords I’m Jungle Beat!!

#iwish I could go one day without bumping my knee into the buffet cabinet in my kitchen… Ugh! :O)

#dreamdate A tie between J.Cole or Drake

#twittercrush @stickfigamayne   A local rapper from my hometown….

#rememberwhen Jodeci, SWV, Jade and EnVogue were everything??

#idontunderstandwhy The women of my generation don’t understand that they have a lot more power than they realize…. The “Little Daddy-less Black Girl Lost” thing so #lateboots

#becauseofnickiminaj I believe in the power of my own C.U.N.T. ( Creativity, Uniqueness, Nerve and Talent) Oh… & That my love for mindless musical fuckery knows no bounds!

#4wordsbeforesex Good Morning! Pancakes? Pussy?


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