Naomi Campbell x Blood Diamonds

Questions are arising as to whether Naomi Campbell lied in court about receiving blood diamonds. She was testifying against former Liberian President Charles Taylor in a war crimes trial. According to the Associated Press Campbell reportedly received some “dirty looking pebbles” following the Nelson Mandela Blue Train charity event she attended with Taylor and the next day gave them to a South African charity the next day. In a statement the supermodel says:” I’ve no motive here. Nothing to gain. I am a black woman who has and will always support good causes especially relating to Africa. I’ve never taken any of the jobs offered to me, over my 25 years as a model, from companies that were for apartheid in South Africa.” This happened 13 years ago before anyone knew of what Taylor had done, so Campbell said: “The term ‘Blood Diamond’ was not in existence then and only came into the public domain in a speech by Bill Clinton in 2001 and was of course brought to wider attention when the film of the same name was released in 2006.” Actress Mia Farrow and model agent Carole White, who also were at the 1997 charity even, testified after Campbell, and their relocations contradicted portions of her evidence.

Written by : @_VivrantThing


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