Exclusive #TwitterFiles w/ Playboy Playmate @Patricehollis

Playboy? Jordans? Yeah, they went there!  Being a fan of both, it was only right for me to reach out to some of the ladies who played a role in this amazing collection of photos and see what they are all about. As we all know, there are more to these playmates then just photos. With the power of twitter, I got the chance to talk with Patrice Hollis (Photos with the Jordan 8s and 7s) and get to know her a little better. I sent her a few twitter hash tags and she replied back! Enjoy the read, and thanks again to Patrice for taking the time out to doing this for the site.

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I got right into it and asked how did the playboy/sneaker shoot come about…….“I am Playboy’s Miss Sept 2007 Playmate. I fell into it. Never thought about it before it happened. I was shooting new photos for an agency and the photographer asked if I would mind if he submitted me to Playboy. I said sure, not thinking it would happen. Got a call a month later to test shoot with Playboy. Month after that I was shooting my centerfold.”

Favorite Jordan of all time? My favorite Js are the 1s. RED, BLACK, AND WHITE!

She also replied back to a few #HashTags –

#nevertrust – a bill fold…could be fake, but then you deserve it cause you got in for the wrong reasons.

#threedrunkwords – I need water

Thanks again to @Patricehollis for the quick response and me being able to bring you guys some rare content. ENJOY!

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