#Interview | 1 on 1 with #SocialMediaGuru @Tesefever



Getting to know @Tesefever – 

We start off some hash tags and then some questions about her kick game.

#IfIwaspresident — everyone would have free health & dental care. 

#top5songs — Jay- Z – Song Cry & Run This Town, Lisa Fischer- How Can I Ease The Pain, Aaliyah- Are You That Somebody, and Bobby Glenn- Sounds Like A Love Song 

#Iwish — For world peace.

#Life — I love it. Only thing I would change would be chasing my dream earlier on (pursuing hiphop) but other than that, it’s perfect for me. 

#wherewillyoubein5years — somewhere with good credit. No clue what else as of yet. But I’ll definitely have an 800 score lol. 

#WhenIwaslittleIwantedtobe — an entertainer (rapper). Since I was 8. That’s my first and only dream. 

#nevertrust — a crack addict, a willingly dead beat parent, and somebody that lies about the littlest shit. If they’ll make up stuff that means nothing, they’ll lie about any and everything. 

#threedrunkwords –- “I’m fucking done!” 

 Since I do sell sneakers, its only right I ask a few questions regarding kicks with you!

What are you top 3 sneakers of all time? — Concord 11’s, South Beach Lebron 8’s, & Air Max 97’s (silver OG colorway). 

 I am sure you have a variety of kicks to choose from, what is the process of you picking out what shoe you would wear on any given day? — No real selection process for me unless it’s a matter of the weather. If it’s raining, I go for patent leather. Always. But if it’s something I just copped, I’m usually super pressed to wear them first. 

 If you could design a sneaker, what would it look like? What colors would you use? — tough, yet,  great question. I’d probably use a coral/black fusion. Coral’s my favorite color. The design would probably be inspired by the Air Jordan 4’s. All because of the sole! 

You can find her on a bunch of social media platforms!

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