#Interview | Getting to Know the Amazing Irina Voronina ( @irinavoronina )


So lets tell the people a little bit about your self. In a few words, give us the inside scoop on who you are and what do you do?

I am a model, actress , Playboy Playmate and a full time kitty mama.

Who is your favorite person to follow on social media?

Not really anyone… I am mostly posting content for myself & my blog, not reading other peoples posts.

What are you top 5 hash tags to use?

#playmates #irinavoronina #blondeshavemorefun #friskyfriday #catstagram

Facebook, Instagram, and twitter…..which one can you live with out?

Instagram by all means. I don’t even use Facebook any more.

As far as your modeling career, how did you get involved with Playboy?

I was in LA and a photographer friend set up a meeting with Playboy Studio West. The rest is history 😃


I know all models have a favorite photographer. Who is he or her?

 Ellen Von Unwerth

What was it like living in Milan?

It was fun. And I loved the food!

Milan to LA, how was that move?

I did not move from Milan, but the biggest obstacle I had to overcome was learning how drive.

Can you give us some cool spots to check out in LA?

“No Vacancy” in Hollywood, “Edison” in downtown LA, “Pour Vous”

If we were to hang out with you for 1 day, what kind of trouble would we get in to?

I am a complete opposite of trouble… A long hike would probably be the most troublesome part.

I will close this up by asking, what are your future plans? What can we see from you in the near future?

 My recent venture is Www.bunnybeautysecrets.com beauty blog. We are also trying to find raise the money for Web -series Pretty Paranormal , here is a link to our IndieGogo page: http://t.co/BTl92bFGpr

I want to thank Irina for taking the time out of her day to chat with us! Thanks Missy!

You guys can check out Irina Voronina on Twitter via @IrinaVoronina


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