1 on 1 Sneaker Interview with @swaggergirljp

First off, can you tell us who you are, where are you reppin’ and how did you come up with your Instagram name?

 I’m swaggergirljp on IG. I’m from Japan. There is no reason behind my name.

   unnamed (3)

Since I do sell sneakers, it is only right I ask a few questions regarding kicks with you!

 For me, it was the Powder Blue 10’s that made me fall in love with the Jordan brand as a kid, what model was it for you? And, why?

 It would have to be the 2001 Concord 11’s, my very 1st pair of Jordans. Growing up my family was very poor and all I wanted was Nikes and Jordans. I would see everyone else wearing them and I knew one day I would get my own. The concord 11 was smooth and shiny. They caught my attention and it was love at 1st sight.

Looking at your collection, what 3 sneakers are your all time favorite? What did you do to obtain them?

–        I really love the concord 11’s, Space jam and cool grey bred11’s. They bring me to a good place. They make me feel like Cinderella.

–        The Jordan Bred 1 is another favorite of mine. The history behind the shoe is very special to me and I love the leather.

–        The 2004 Playoff 12s. Amazing sneaker. Really comfortable on my ankle. The leather is amazing.

unnamed (2)

With so many shoes to choose from, what is the process of you picking out what shoe you would wear on any given day?

It really depends on what clothes I decide to wear. From there I can throw on something to complete the outfit.

 With the signing of Drake to the Jordan brand, do you think its a positive thing for the shoe game? Would you want to see other ‘celebs’ work with sneaker brands? If so, may I ask whom?

I am not a fan. They could do better. Using the Drake name will only have Jordans go up in price. But one day I want WU TANG to collab with Jordan! It’s my dream. That would be cool.

If you could design a sneaker, what would it look like? What colors would you use? 

   I would make a good quality leather shoes like the 1985 Jordan Bred 1. Original everything, not a shoe that smells of plastic when u open the box.

Thanks for your time!


Everyone go follow her on IG – @swaggergirljp



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