Nike Air Max LeBron VII x Air Jordan XI ‘Heroes Pack’

There’s good news, and there’s bad news.  The bad news is, the Nike Air Max LeBron VII x Air Jordan XI ‘Heroes Pack’ we recently previewed will *not* hit retail.  Before you start looking around for something to wipe your tears, here’s the good news: there will in fact be an AML7 x AJXI, it’s just a little different than the version we’ve seen, although it’s very unlikely that these will ever release to the public either.  Whereas the pair LDRS’ Ty showed off feature a white leather Swoosh, the final production model simply uses the red embroidered outline atop what appears to be a woven NFW side panel that mimics the pattern of the standard AML7 Flywire design.  Not a huge difference, but it means that Ty’s are now infinitely more valuable, although DJ Clark Kent’s final production version is a closer representation of the bred AJ11s.  Check out a bunch of new photos waiting for you after the jump, and stay tuned for more info just in case Nike can’t resist releasing these. via TSG

#VIDEO | MVPuppets: We’re Back

Looks like Puppet LeBron and Puppet Kobe are back again this season.

Last season ended with Puppet Kobe celebrating his fourth cookie while Puppet LeBron spent time at home with Lil’ Dez.

This season begins with the MVPuppets arguing over the age-old question: who would win in a fight between a lion and a black mamba?

Jay, CC and A-Rod

Some shots from last nights game. With the parade and all, it was def. a great day for these guys.

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